Mei will return to 'Overwatch 2' later this week after some hiccups

Mei will return to ‘Overwatch 2’ later this week after some hiccups

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that Mei will return Monitor 2 as a playable character later this week, after a bug fix.

Last month (October 31), Mei was removed from the game due to a bug with her Ice Wall ability that allowed players using Mei to teleport a character like Kiriko into map geometry. From there, Kiriko could switch to another hero and attack players below the map.

Yesterday’s Mid-Season Patch (November 15th) for Monitor 2 was later delayed with Blizzard trying to “fix a critical issue”

“This delay also affects the delivery of surveillance Postseason Matches League Incentives and Spectator Benefits during the period from October 30th to November 4th, as well as the rotation of cosmetics in the surveillance League Shop,” the ad continued.

This morning (November 16th), it was confirmed that the mid-season patch, which includes “future balance changes, bug fixes including those affecting Mei, and updates to core content will be released tomorrow, the 17th of November at 19:00 GMT.

“Thank you to our players for your patience while we addressed this issue,” Blizzard said in a post. Tweeter.

[#Overwatch2] We are now planning to release this mid-season patch on Thursday, November 17th at 11am PST. Thank you to our players for your patience while we addressed this issue.

Last month, Bastion and Torbjörn both had to be “temporarily deactivated”. Monitor 2 to investigate bugs in their abilities.

The mid-season patch for Monitor 2 was originally announced last month and is expected to be aimed at super-powered heroes. According to the patch notes, it will introduce tactical changes for “featured” heroes like D.Va, Zarya, Genji and Sombra.

In other news, the nominations for the first ever Grammy dedicated to acting have been announced.

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