Fortnite Creative Mode Update 22.40

Fortnite Creative Mode Update 22.40

Update 22.40 adds the Class Selector UI and Directional Pusher to devices, as well as two items to include in your experiments, Supply on Command and Grapple Glider. Additionally, this update adds the Grand Battle mode for your Battle Royale islands, along with other updates and bugs.

Class selector interface

The class selector interface can create a dialog window and a new tab on the map screen to display a list of classes available to players. You can have players choose a class when they spawn at the beginning of the game, or you can allow your players to switch classes mid-game. By configuring the devices, you can allow players to change class by opening the map screen and selecting a new class, or you can set a channel option to open this dialog window during the game.

Directional thruster


Three new directional thrusters are available:

  • Directional thruster (standard)

  • Directional Thruster (Primitive)

  • Directional thruster (invasion)

Adjust the speed and ejection angle of the directional thrusters so that each has a unique trajectory.

Single-use on-demand refueling

Players can use this item to request custom healing, custom gear, or custom vehicles to their location. There is a limit of five vehicles per order per island. This count is displayed in the interface and the mention “Unavailable” will be indicated after the limit is reached.

Grapple Glider

Grapple Glider Item

Place this item on your island to allow your players to escape in style! They just have to target a solid surface to pull themselves up and then deploy their glider to land safely.

Large scale battle

Discover a new mode: the Great Battle! You can try the Epic-created version found in Discovery mode, but you can also create your own large-scale Battle with the new Battle Royale island tools available in Creative mode! In this mode, two teams of 40 players receive a predetermined arsenal and are thrown into the thick of the action from the beginning of the match, with an initial storm phase already completed. The storm moves quickly and the loot rarity is set to Rare or higher. Try this exciting big team Zero Build mode on your own Battle Royale island.

Other updates

Gallery updates

Island Model Updates

Octane Updates

  • We’ve improved the Octane Audio Visualizer icon to make it more readable.
  • We improved the smoothness of collisions between the Octane, other vehicles and the terrain.
  • The Octane can now drive forward and backward with the left analog stick on a controller, like other spawned vehicles in Creative mode. You can disable this feature in the Accelerate with Stick option in the Octane Generator’s Customize panel.
  • The Octane can now drive briefly in water, like other spawned vehicles in Creative mode.
  • Octane now slides off walls when the player is not accelerating, to mimic how it works in Rocket League.

Bug fixes

Presets and galleries bug fixes

Direct event attribution error fixes

  • Fixed an issue where random non-creator defined events or functions were added when copying or moving a device.
  • Fixed an issue that renamed cut and then pasted fixtures in Design Mode.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented unknown devices from being wiped.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented events from being deleted from devices on Xbox.

Hardware bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where only the last three digits of the stack size would be displayed in the Configure panel options of the Condition Button.
  • Fixed an issue where Creature Manager options set to Save Settings would not reset to their default values ​​after being changed.
  • Fixed an issue with soot spawner events and functions not appearing even after converting to a direct event attribution system.
  • Fixed an issue where the Invulnerable value for some Guardsman options was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where the endgame device was not recognizing the value of the Winning Team option.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Turbo Boost to be destructible by gunfire regardless of My Island settings.
  • Fixed several issues with the reward device customization panel on PlayStation 4.
  • Fixed a typo in the Octane Generator Set interactive bubble.

Island Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to exit the island volume with the Siege Cannon in certain situations.

Game bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash caused by the creator arriving on the Battle Royale island in Creative mode.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented party leaders from canceling matchmaking for a Battle Royale island.
  • Fixed a matchmaking issue in some public games on the Battle Royale island.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to go beyond editable areas on Battle Royale islands.
  • Fixed an issue where a flame or explosion visual effect would persist on screen when Octane was destroyed near a player.
  • Fixed an issue with reduced dimensions of Octane’s turbo and drag visual effects.
  • Fixed an issue where players hit by Octane would enter an opposing animation state out of sync.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Octane from providing resources when hit with a pickaxe.

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