Fifa 23 patch note, what's in the November 9 update?  - Breakflip

Fifa 23 patch note, what’s in the November 9 update? – Breakflip

A brand new update was released this November 9 in FIFA 23 and we will provide the fixes and additions with the arrival of this patch.

FIFA 23 is now available and as with previous games, EA Sports publishes regular updates to make corrections, balances or even add content.

A brand new update was also released this Wednesday, November 9 and so we’ll be delivering the patch notes that were revealed directly in-game in FIFA 23.

November update patches for FIFA 23

If you want to know what the November 9 update brings, well, EA Sports has given the answer directly in-game and here’s what the patch brings:

  • Added FIFA World Cup 2022 experience
  • Removed the Brazilian team that previously existed in Modes, Competitions, Online Friendlies and Online Seasons.
  • The Brazil squad, consisting of players participating in the upcoming FIFA World Cup 23, can be used in the FIFA World Cup 2022 experience.
  • Updated some comments and celebrations
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases certain areas of the Training Center would not take into account preselected controller settings.
  • Fixes for potential stability issues
  • 41% increased fatigue by pressing constantly, pressing after losing the ball, and pressing hard in Own Defensive Tactics
  • Reduced ball speed on corners taken at maximum power
  • Decreased accuracy on angles taken at maximum power

Finally, we remind you that you can collect FGS tokens Later FIFA Global Series on YouTube and Twitch that can be redeemed FGS player packs on FIFA 23.

Published on 10/11/2022 at 19:43

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